Census Targeting

Facebook recently removed hundreds of ad targets using third party data. This includes income, home value, homeowner, and race.

This tool uses census data and zip codes to replicate some of those ad targets.

American neighborhoods are very homogenous. Because of that, you can target homeowners by targeting locations where most people are homeowners. For income targeting, you can target locations with high median incomes.

Use the sliders to identify zip codes whose demographics meet your criteria.

For example, set the slider for "Renters" to 70% - 100% to target zip codes where at least 70% of the population are renters.

A higher percentage gives you a more targeted audience, but it will be smaller since fewer zip codes will match.

The results show the number of zip codes that match your critera and the total population in those zip codes.

Copy/paste the zip codes into the bulk location box in your ad sets.

You can combine these location targets with other interests and demograhics that are still available within Facebook.

Step 1. Set location:What is this?
Entire US States
Step 2. Set demographic filters:
Median Household Income
Median Home Value
Below Poverty Line

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